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    ASCM: People Need to be Put First


    Women in Manufacturing

    The Manufacturing Institute, APICS, and Deloitte surveyed over 600 women in manufacturing and conducted nearly 20 manufacturing executive interviews to explore how effectively manufaturing companies are attracting, recruiting, and retaining women, and what should be done to close the gender gap.


    Supply Chain Now Video Chat

    with Abe Eshkenazi, ASCM CEO, and Elizabeth Rennie, ASCM Editor-in-Chief, SCM Now Magazine

    SCM This Week April 14, 2020

    SCM This Week April 21, 2020

    SCM This Week April 28, 2020

    SCM This Week May 5, 2020

    SCM This Week May 12, 2020



    Resilience is Fighting Coronavirus Impacts


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    Planning Should Replace Forecasting as Coronavirus Uncertainty Clouds Outlook


    How a Virus Pandemic Led to a Toilet Paper Shortage